Stephanie Roigk

Exchange Student Fall 2020

At the time when I applied I didn’t know how the situation with Corona would play out. So I wanted to choose a country for my Erasmus that was close by to my home country. And since Tilburg University has a great Finance program it seemed like a good choice. Turns out that it really was!

 I have made so many great memories here…..taking walks in the forest near Tilburg University, visiting Amsterdam (pre-lock down that is) and also winning playing spin the wheel at Carpe and winning 10 beers (…. don’t worry…I shared)

There won’t just be one person I won’t forget. Because each person that I met contributed to the great experience I have had here. I know its cheesy but its true. I also liked all of the events! Especially the pirate party, because we all got to dress up!
Thank you for having me Tilburg. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!!

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