Ruben Uijting

Buddy spring 2015-2016

Becoming a buddy was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

I joined I*ESN half a year ago when they informed me about the position. Since then I had the pleasure of being a buddy for an amazing group! We’ve done some awesome activities like a beer cantus, the organized activities by I*ESN, the infamous nights out at Carpe, and of course our regular buddy dinners. All of these were a success because everyone present always wanted to make the best of it, regardless of effort and time.

When I became a buddy, I got to learn so many new people whom all have the same mindset like I do. It really reminded me of my exchange (Hong Kong) and I got to enjoy the international atmosphere again!
So if you’re still doubting whether to become active or not, don’t. You will have an amazing time with amazing people!