Megan Fanning

Exchange fall 2015-2016

Last August I moved to Tilburg for a semester as part of the Erasmus programme and didn’t know what to expect from my classes or from the city itself! I was incredibly nervous as I had never lived away from home but as soon as I arrived at Eindhoven airport I met two other Irish people who were in Tilburg for Erasmus too and that settled any nerves I had. We all signed up for I*ESN in the first week and never regretted the decision. Every single person I met through the organisation, whether it was a board member, a buddy or a mentor, or another member, were all so lovely. On a Tuesday night in Carpe you would meet people from all over the world and it was so interesting to learn words of different languages or to learn of different cultures.

I found living away from home quite difficult, I really missed my home city of Dublin, but I*ESN was absolutely fantastic in making Tilburg my new home. There was always something on, whether it be a crazy animal party on a Tuesday, a 90s night on a Thursday or a trip to Oktoberfest! You are never bored if you’re a member of I*ESN.

On the first day of TOP week, I was put in a mentor group of about 25 other people, no two people from the same country, and we had three fantastic mentors who were always there for us. Every Tuesday we would have dinner together, two or three people from the group would cook together and show us a dish that would be local in their home country. It was a great experience to get to try food from different cultures.

I have so many great memories from my time in Tilburg and I would have to give credit to I*ESN for all of them. From the people I met to the parties I struggle to remember, I*ESN, despite it being such a large student organisation, makes you feel instantly at home no matter where in the world you’re from.