J. Rodrigo Moran Reynoso

Exchange spring 2015-2016, Mentor fall 2016-2017

On January of 2016 I moved from Mexico City to Tilburg for an exchange semester at Tilburg University. As soon as I arrived to the city I noticed the friendly and welcoming people of I*ESN, helping all the international students. I heard before of I*ESN, but since I’m not european I didn’t really knew what to expect, but I was looking to get the full experience in my exchange, so in the arrival day I decided to join the group, and was probably one of the best decisions of my exchange, and thus of my life.

Since the first week of my exchange, the TOP Week, a week full of activities, parties and more, I got the opportunity to met 26 people in my Mentor Group from all around the world, with different experiences, culture, and perspectives of life. And after TOP Week, we still met every single week during the Mentor Dinners, where you can get the chance to taste typical food of the countries of your group members or other groups, and the parties at Carpe Diem. I can say my Mentor Group was the best one (someone could disagree), because we had one of the closest groups, with the best kids, and the best mentors always committed to make us have a good time, but it was just the beggining, in I*ESN you get to know more people during the activities they organize.

But don’t get me wrong, the I*ESN parties are legendary, but the group is more than that, you get the chance to join some trips abroad or in the Netherlands, activities, dinners, karaoke nights, volunteerings, and more. Probably the moments I should mention as the best ones are the TOP Week, the International Beercantus (believe, you’re going to love this), the Budapest Trip, the Holland City Race, the Carnival, Koningsdag and the Gala. At the end I think the best part is the real diversity I*ESN has, and that made me a more social, open-minded, respectful, and cultured person, but also knowing some really nice Dutch people that can help you experience better their culture.

My exchange, as I said, was at the beggining for only one semester, but I*ESN larlegy made me decide extending my exchange to one year. After meeting some of the best people I’ve ever met, making some of the closest, most real, and most loyal friendships I’ve ever made, and of course, winning in the Gala the King of I*ESN, decided to stay more time and applying to be a mentor next semester.
I’m really looking forward to meet new people, being the best mentor my group could get, having a good time, and joining most of the activities the new board has in mind. But also staying in contact with the friendships I made last semester.

J. Rodrigo Moran Reynoso

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