Gaby, Livvy & Tiana

About our Introcamp

“Last semester’s Introcamp was just amazing! It’s really worth going to because, as you go with a smaller group of people, you get to know each other better and it’s there where you truly start to realize what the semester is going to be about…the best experience of your life!!”


“Introcamp was fantastic! From games, to pub quizzes, to a cantus of its own there was never a dull moment! For me it was especially fab because my group merged with a few others and so it meant I got to know and bond with other groups and people that I otherwise never would have. Can’t wait for this one!”


“Intro camp was INCREDIBLE! It was such an amazing opportunity for me to meet and get to know so many of my fellow exchange students, some of which are now my closest friends! The best part was definitely the surprise Sunday activity, one of my favourite things from the entire semester!!! “


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