Fleur Aarts

Mentor 2017-2018

Mentor at IESN Tilburg

Hi! My name is Fleur, I am a 20 year old Online Culture student. I came to Tilburg in August 2016 for the first time. Fresh from high school, everything I was experiencing while being in the TOP introweek was fairly new. I was not used to drinking a lot, nor going out until the early hours. As you do in TOP week, we visited all the student associations Tilburg has to offer. Among them, IESN Tilburg. I had never planned on becoming part of a student association, but somehow IESN sparked my interest more than any of the other associations we had visited. Since I was quite apprehensive at first I did not join right away when my first semester at university started, but when my friend joined I became more curious. She took me to one of the parties, and I was enthusiastic immediately.  I was a ‘kid’ from October 2016 until July 2017, which means I joined a mentor group for those two semesters to get used to the way IESN did things. The parties were incredible and I met so many amazing people in those first few weeks. From learning about all the different cultures to learning to speak a few words in a new language, I loved it.

After that 1,5 semester, I knew I wanted to become more active within IESN. For me, this meant becoming a mentor and getting to lead my own mentor group, hopefully filling the footsteps of the amazing mentors I had had. Fortunately, I was blessed with an amazing co-mentor for my first time, who taught me all the tricks and helped me where she could. To top this off, we had an incredible and very diverse mentor group, and we soon became very close. This made my first semester as a mentor wonderful, thank you group 4! This semester (spring 2018) I am mentor of an amazing group 9, with some lovely co-mentors who make coming to Carpe every week very worthwhile.

When joining IESN, I had never thought I would enjoy and love it as much as I do now. The Tuesday nights in Carpe become a regular part of your week and something you will look forward to every week, as well as the activities organized. From having diner with your group, to doing the mentor activities and the parties in Carpe. I went on the Krakow trip this semester which was insane and something I would’ve never wanted to miss, as well as the Kingsday boat party. They are well organized and so much fun.

What makes joining IESN so good, is that it is not only partying. I have made friends from all over the world, had discussions with an American about Trump and with an Australian about Pauline Hanson. I’ve learned so much from everyone I’ve met in IESN and it has become such a big part of my life. Whether you become active or not, it is a great opportunity to make tons of friends from all over the world. And, the beer is cheap 😉


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