Fernanda Gomes

Exchange fall 2015-2016, Mentor spring 2015-2016

From the moment I decided I wanted to go on an exchange, Tilburg was always my first option. Not only because of the reputation of Tilburg University, but also because I had heard stories about all the partying, whether if they were at Verbs or at the I*ESN bar. From then on I knew I had to come to Tilburg. Compared to what I’ve heard from friends who were on exchange in other cities, I would say the coolest part about Tilburg is that you’re always in touch with other students, exchange or not. I*ESN Tilburg organizes dinners and parties every week so you’re constantly getting to know new people from all over the world!

One thing I’ll never forget for sure is my first TOP Week: the first time riding a bike in the Netherlands (and falling down multiple times), the first parties and my first mentor group. My mentors were amazing and always willing to help! I had so many incredible moments in this lovely city that I even decided to stay for another semester. More than that, I decided to become myself a mentor and help the next exchange students. And this decision couldn’t have been any better. Not only I got to know the new students, but I also had more contact with other mentors, buddies and the board itself. Wearing the blue polo turned my semester into a whole new experience. We got together for drinks and parties between the active members, organized gatherings with our mentor groups and always had an amazing time!

But now that the year is ending it’s very hard to say goodbye. It’s so hard to let go that I’ve been planning to come back to Tilburg at some point in the future for my studies. That’s why I can tell you not to expect less than the best moment of your life!

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