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I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association, which is especially focused on international (minded) students.

Becoming a member of I*ESN Tilburg has numerous benefits, for both international and Dutch students. When you are enthusiastic about becoming a member, join online, step by during our introduction period or at the I*ESN Office (T609) for more information and for signing up. You can become a member for 45 euros.

Joining I*ESN Tilburg equals making lots of new international and Dutch friends, learn about other cultures in many ways by having dinners together, going on trips and of course a lot of partying! In short, joining I*ESN is an enrichment to your social life and experience.

I*ESN Tilburg for exchange students
As an incoming exchange student you can join one of our mentor groups. As a Tilburg University student you will be automatically placed in a mentor group. Your mentors will guide you and your group during TOPweek (Tilburg Orientation Program), our famous introduction camp and during the rest of the semester.

During the semester there will be mentor dinners together with the other mentor groups on Tuesdays. The dinner gives you the opportunity to introduce people to a famous dish from your own country, or try amazing meals made by students from all over the world. After the dinner it’s time to go to our brand new bar, Carpe Noctem, with your group for an awesome themed party. We end the semester with our I*ESN gala.

Besides the Tuesday activities, there’s also the possibility to join:

  • One of our many (international)trips such as Amsterdam, Oktoberfest, Keukenhof, Esurf (Morocco) and ESNow.
  • Activities such as Carpe Dinners, Pub Quizzes and Band Night.
  • Social Projects such as Erasmus in Schools and walking with the elderly.
  • One of the committees, gain experience and get to know even more people within the association.

I*ESN Tilburg for master students
I*ESN Tilburg has a separate program for master students which is called buddy program. During the semester/year you will have an activity (dinner or (pre)drinks) twice a month on a Thursday with your own group or with other buddy groups. These activities are great ways of meeting and socializing with other (international) master students. The dinners will be prepared by the students in the group. Joining the dinners gives therefore the perfect opportunity to try dishes from different countries and regions. After the dinner or (pre)drinks, the groups will head to our new bar, Carpe Noctem, for a music themed party.

Are you going to study at the TiSEM or TLS faculty, starting in the fall semester and are you a participant at the TOPweek (Tilburg Orientation Program)? Then you will be automatically placed in a buddy group. The group will be guided by I*ESN buddies throughout the entire semester/year. They are there to help you with any (academic related) questions you might have and to help making the most out of your time in Tilburg. Won’t participate in TOPweek or are you studying at another faculty, but still interested in joining a buddy group? No problem. Step by during the arrival days, introduction week or at our office at the University and we will help you.

Are you starting your masters in the spring semester? Then it won’t matter at which faculty you study. If you register for TOPweek you will be automatically be placed in buddy group. Would you like to join a buddy group but you won’t join TOPweek? Step by at our information stand at the arrival days or at our office at the University and we will gladly help you.

Other reasons to join a buddy group or to become a member of I*ESN:

  • You have access to all parties at our new bar, Carpe Noctem.
  • You have the possibility to join many of our (international) trips such as Amsterdam, Keukenhof, La trappe Brewery, Esurf and ESNow.
  • You have the possibility to join Carpe Dinners on Fridays (three course meal for 5 euros).
  • You have the possibility to join Social Projects such as Erasmus in Schools and walking with the elderly.
  • You have the possibility to develop yourself within one of our committees.
  • You have discounts throughout Europe with your ESNcard. You can read more about the benefits of the ESNcard on this site and at

I*ESN Tilburg for bachelor students
As a bachelor student within I*ESN, you can join one of our yearclubs or one of our many committees. When you join a yearclub you’ll form, together with Dutch as well as international bachelor students, a close group of friends. Together with them, you spend your Tuesday or Thursday evenings in an international atmosphere. You’ll have activities like dinners, pre drinks, pub quizzes, parties in our bar, etc. organized by I*ESN or by your group itself.

For more information go to the yearclub page.

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