Become a Mentor

We are looking for enthusiastic new Mentors and Buddies. As a mentor, you will get to know a group of approximately 25 exchange students from all over the world, party with them and show them around Tilburg and the Netherlands. Every Tuesday, you will have dinner with your group where you will also meet all other international students. After that you’ll all come to our bar for a great party!  

Besides all the fun and parties, you also get to coordinate your group and help them to acclimatise to the Netherlands. Through this you learn how to manage events (the weekly dinners), improve your motivational skills (by getting everyone to the dinner and party afterwards), and mingle in a culturally diverse organisation (we have students from all around the world). 
In the end, the most amazing part of being in I*ESN is exchanging ideas and experiences with people from all around the world. For (at least) a full semester, you’ll meet wonderful people, who are eager to make the most of their exchange.

You can apply by filling in this form.

Become BarCo!

The Bar Committee AKA BarCo!

These are the people in the red shirts standing behind the bar whenever you’re at a party at Carpe Noctem who are serving you drinks and handing you a cup of water when you are at your worst.

BarCo is one of the most respected committees in I*ESN. Without us, there is no party. In the BarCo, you’re doing great shifts which end in even greater after-drinks, where legendary tales are told years after it happened. Outside of the bar shifts, there are monthly meetings with a formal part where we discuss BarCo happenings and then an informal part where we do a group activity as well as occasional outings with your BarCo family. Being a part of BarCo, you not only make new friends with those from the committee but also with all of the people who visit Carpe Noctem.

BarCo is also one of the most independent committees in I*ESN, and as a result, it is a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience by becoming a Bar Manager, where you take on more responsibility for making sure that Carpe Noctem and BarCo runs smoothly.

Lastly, as a thank you for all of your hard work during the semester, we have the BarCo thank you activity where you will have a nice day out with your fellow BarCo!

Do you have what it takes to be a Viking? Send an e-mail to

Become a member

Becoming a member of I*ESN Tilburg has numerous benefits, for both international and Dutch students. When you are enthusiastic about becoming a member, join online, step by during our introduction period or at the I*ESN Office (Intermezzo Building) for more information and for signing up. You can become a member for 45 euros.

More information about the possibilities can be found on the following pages:

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