International Cantus

19th of September 2017

Two times a year, I*ESN Tilburg organizes the International Cantus. We aim to share the beauty of this Dutch festivity with as many people as possible and show our international members that it is great to be a student in the Netherlands.

On the 19th of September, the 9th edition of the International Cantus organized by I*ESN Tilburg will take place at Willemsplein. Together with 999 others, we’ll make it the best party you have every seen! Tickets can be bought at Tilburg University, Intermezzo Building Tuesday till Friday between 13:00 and 17:00.

International Cantus, you said? Yes! We ask you to represent your own country by dressing up like your country. Dutchies always wear wooden shoes? French men always carry a baguette? The Aussies have kangaroos as pets? At the International Cantus, all those stereotypes are true!


The International Cantus will take place on the 19th of September 2017
Doors will open at 19:00 and close at 19:30. Make sure to be in time! The Cantus itself will start at 20:00.
This year the International Cantus will move to a new location. The International Cantus will take place at Willemsplein (the square in front of the whit palace).
Yes. There will be wine for those who cannot/do not drink beer. Also, we will supply water when asked for.
Dress up as your own country! Put on your wooden shoes, your kangaroo suit or dress up in Irish green and celebrate the beauty of a beer cantus with us!
Take your raincoat with you and still be ready to have a lot of fun!!
You can get your ticket at the I*ESN office at Tilburg University (Intermezzo Building) between 13:00 and 17:00. Don’t forget to show your I*ESN card for a discount!
You can be the proud owner of a ticket for only €7,50. If you are a member of I*ESN you will receive a discount of €2,50.
No. If you are the happy owner of drinks or food, you will have to hand it over to security which will hand it over to BAT.

Please note that bags can be inspected by security.

No, the security won’t let you enter if you cannot show your ID. A copy of your ID or passport is also accepted by security.
If you didn’t turn 18 yet, you unfortunately cannot join the International Cantus. But no worries, we will organize more editions so your turn will come!
Afterwards we will host an afterparty in Carpe Noctem for all participants! Note that only students with a International Cantus wristband and members have entrance to this afterparty.

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