International Cantus

April 10, 2019

Two times a year, I*ESN Tilburg organizes the International Cantus. We aim to share the beauty of this Dutch festivity with as many people as possible and show our international members that it is great to be a student in the Netherlands.

We’re proud to announce that there’s yet another edition of the legendary I*ESN International Cantus! On April 10th, I*ESN organizes one of the most amazing cantusses in Tilburg. With more than 1000 people and our skilled cantus band TCB Bracchus we’ll make sure the best international cantus songs will be heard throughout Tilburg.

The theme of the evening is, like always: Represent your country! Make the most out of it. Germans, don’t forget to wear your Lederhosen, for the Dutchies show your national pride with bright orange clothing and Frenchmen… don’t forget your beret.

To close the evening together, we will host an after party in Carpe Noctem for all participants. Note that only students with an International Cantus wristband and members of I*ESN have entrance to this afterparty.

Get your tickets at our University Office, which is in the Intermezzo Building (right across Albert Heijn). On the ground floor where you just go ahead. Official address: Professor de Moorplein 521.

You can also purchase tickets online in our webshop.

Tickets go on sale March 11, 2019


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