Vice-President & Fundraiser I*ESN Tilburg 2017-2018

Piet van de Ven

Hi there! First of all welcome to probably the most ugliest city of the Netherlands! I’m glad you make decisions based on the inside and not just judge something (someone) from the outside! I can guarantee you that the upcoming months will be legen wait for it dary!

Let me introduce myself briefly! My name is Piet van de Ven. I am an Economics student at the University of Tilburg. During my studies I went on exchange to Seoul (South-Korea). Even though my blood was replaced by Soju (local liquor), I had the time of my life there! For the rest I enjoy to go out with my friends or watch (real) football.

I hope as a the new Vice President & Fundraiser I can make sure that you guys can say the same when this semester ends!

Contact information
No fixed walk-in office day, working mostly at the University office

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