President I*ESN Tilburg 2016-2017

Rens Lauwers

Hi Guys! You just landed in the city that will steal a part of your heart and where you’re going to have the best time of your life! Whether you’re here for your bachelor, exchange or master, we’re here for you. We have special programs for every type of student and are always willing to help you.

But first of all, who am I? I’m Rens Lauwers, 26 years old, Business Administration student and President of I*ESN Tilburg in 2016-2017. Next to this I’m a pilot, without a plane to fly, so I had to pick another hobby for work: web development. Unlike of my fellow board members I didn’t go on exchange during my bachelor. If i’m not working for I*ESN, big chance that I’m working on websites, trying to go to the sportscenter, watching Netflix or relaxing with my housemates.

As President, I’m leading the organization and working with the other board members to make sure that you will have an awesome time here in Tilburg. So come and join our events, ask your questions and most of all come to our brand new bar Carpe Noctem for unforgettable parties!

Contact information
No fixed walk-in office day, working mostly at the University office

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