Marketing & PR Manager I*ESN Tilburg 2016-2017

Nine Seelen

Hi Everyone! My name is Nine (Not as in eight, nine, ten. But more as in Nina with an ‘e’.)

I’ll be working as the PR/marketing manager of I*ESN Tilburg in the upcoming year. I’d like to welcome everybody to this beautiful city and this amazing country! You probably didn’t know Tilburg before you came here, you might even asked yourself what am I doing.. Going to an unknown city in a small country, a country known for water, bikes and wooden shoes. And okay, let’s be honest: a country known for weed, prostitutes and shady sex stores. So yes, this is going to be an awesome experience!

And I should know. First of all I live in Tilburg for almost 4 years now, and second I went on exchange to Dublin myself. This was one of the best experiences of my life, and good experiences are meant to share. So this is me, giving back and hopefully sharing this amazing time with you guys. I’ll be the one making those amazing Facebook timeline covers while the others deal with the complicated things (I wish). I’m looking forward to doing some shots with you guys, creating the worst hangovers ever and making secret pictures as you make out in the corner.

See ya! x

Contact information
Walk-in office on Fridays between 13:00 and 17:00, working mostly at the Carpe Noctem office

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