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Event Manager I*ESN Tilburg 2019-2020

Welcome to Tilburg! Congratulations with your decision to study in Tilburg. I can promise you will have the best time of your life here! My Name is Iris Godlieb and at the moment a master student of Strategic Management. During my studies I did my exchange in Sweden and had the best months of my life. I hope you will have the same experience here. I find Tilburg an amazing city for students. There is always something somewhere going on. I hope you are going to explore Tilburg and have as much fun as I have in this city.

One thing you must explore is I*ESN Tilburg. As the new Event Manager and Secretary, I’m here to organize all the trips and parties that will help you explore the Netherlands and Europe. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and being a small part of your wonderful time in Tilburg. I can’t wait to see you soon in our bar, Carpe Noctem!

Contact information

Walk-in office on Wednesday between 13:00 and 17:00, working mostly at the Carpe Noctem office

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