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Meet the board

The board is composed of five enthusiastic and international minded students. We all have a full time function for the academic year of 2018-2019. Being in the board means being social, flexible, responsible but also in for a party as we will spend many evenings in a bar for a party or activity.

During the semester, you can find at least one member at the office at Intermezzo Building, room 7, from 13.00 to 17.00 every Tuesday till Thursday. If you want to contact a specific board member for a certain reason, see his/her personal page for the contact details. For general questions, suggestions or feedback you can contact us via the contact page.

Board 2019-2020

President: Menno Janssen van Doorn
Vice President & Secretary: Patrick Buitenhuis
Treasurer: Merlin Slotboom
Marketing & PR Manager: Lin Seelen
Building Manager: Twan Duinmaijer
Integration Manager: Tum Leerschool
Event Manager: Rein Brands

(From left to right: Rein, Tum, Merlin, Menno, Patrick, Lin, Twan)


Board 2018-2019

President – Sabine Damen
Secretary & Event Manager – Iris Godlieb
Treasurer & Building Manager – Mumba Sambo
Marketing & PR Manager – Isanya Köhne
Project Manager & Integration Manager – Ana Luiza Marin

(From left to right: Isanya, Mumba, Sabine, Iris and Ana)

Board 2017-2018

President – Nina Karabetyan
Vice President & Fundraiser – Piet van de Ven
Integration Manager & Secretary – Francis Bleeker
Treasurer – Laura van de Kant
Marketing & PR Manager – Jules van Iperen
Event Manager – Holly Kennelly
Project Manager – Kayleigh Wynbelt

(From left to right: Kayleigh, Laura, Piet, Nina, Francis, Holly and Jules)

Board 2016-2017

President – Rens Lauwers
Vice-President & Secretary – Renate Krabbendam
Treasurer & Fundraiser – Kees van de Laar
Marketing & PR Manager – Nine Seelen
Integration Manager – Zico Sangers
Event Manager – Maartje Bekhuis

(From left to right: Nine, Zico, Renate, Rens, Kees, Maartje)

Board 2015-2016

President – Elisa de Klerk
Vice-President & Secretary – Marijn Feijen
Treasurer & Fundraiser – Jochem Arts
Marketing & PR Manager – Tijn van Kessel
Building Manager – Cedy Horyon
Event Manager – Iris Bomhof
Integration Manager – Elsemiek Kauwenberg

(From left to right: Cedy, Marijn, Elsemiek, Tijn, Elisa, Jochem and Iris)

Board 2014-2015

President – Tim van Bavel
Vice-President – Koen Hendriks
Treasurer & Fundraiser – Erik van der Werff
Marketing & PR Manager – Yvonne van Hooren
Building Manager – Rik ten Hoven
Event Manager – Ben Huggers

(From left to right: Ben, Koen, Tim, Rik, Yvon and Erik)

Board 2013-2014

President – Hein Hendrikx
Vice-President – Tessa Teuwen
Treasurer – Jordy van den Bogaert
Secretary – Ilse Klaassen
Integration Manager – Willem Beks
Building Manager – Raischa O’Prinsen
Event Manager – Dave Brett

(From left to right: Willem, Tessa, Hein, Raischa, Jordy, Ilse and Dave)

Board 2012-2013

President – Tim de Vries
Vice-President & Integration Manager – Dominique Coumans
Treasurer & External PR – Ruud Meeuwissen
Secretary –  Maartje van Paassen
Building Manager –  Eva van Zelderen
Activities Coordinator –  Natalie Kop

(From left to right: Maartje, Natalie, Ruud, Dominique, Tim and Eva)

Board 2011-2012 (Founders)

President – Dennis van Erp
Vice President – Robert Broers
Treasurer & External Relations – Mark Lauret
Secretary & Marketing – Janneke Janssen
Building Manager – Jiska Vroon
Activities Coordinator – Joyce Adriaensen

(From left to right: Janneke, Mark, Jiska, Robert, Joyce and Dennis)

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