King’s Day

By Mirthe Levels – Communication Committee

Since being here you have probably heard something about King’s Day. But what is it, why do we celebrate it, and how do we celebrate it?

Kingsday is a national holiday celebrating the birthday of our king Willem Alexander I, and is celebrated on the 27th of April. This wasn’t always the case though! Before our King got his new position, we had a Queen. Kingsday was called Queensday, and was celebrated on the 30th of April.

Traditionally, the monarch in question visits one or multiple cities in the country. In 2017, the King even came to Tilburg! This year the birthday boy will be going to Amersfoort, so if your dream is to meet the Dutch King, that is your place to be.

Because Kingsday is a national holiday, it is also considered a free day from work. For a lot of people, the main activity is to be part of a flee market in their own town. Everyone collects old toys, books, clothes, and even furniture, and takes it with to the city center to sell it. Another way people celebrate this day is by wearing orange clothes. This phenomena is also known as ‘Orange Fever’, which is when all things worn and used have to be orange. Red/white/blue pieces are also worn, to commemorate the Dutch flag.

In Tilburg, the festivities will not just last one day, but two! It starts with ‘Kingsnight’ on Friday 26th of April. This is when the 16th edition of ‘Tilburg Sings’ takes place, which is basically a huge karaoke party. Together with thousands of other people a lot of classics will be sung, accompanied by choirs. On the actual Kingsday there will be a flea market in the centrum of Tilburg. During the day there will also be different places where a band or artist will perform life music.

If you want to get out of Tilburg however, there’s a lot to do in every major city. Amsterdam for example becomes completely orange and has a ton of different festivals and places to attend. I*ESN Tilburg is even joining in by going on a boat with unlimited beer, wine, and soda! Because as you probably know by now; no party in the Netherlands can ever be without beer.

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