Fresh and Tipsy

Well believe it or not, the sun shines in Tilburg and the people take the chance to dich some of their clothes. Off course as an I*ESN member you will not get into the mood by only drinking beer, and a shot of Schrobbeler in this weather will get you on fire, literally! So here is a list of nice affordable cocktails that will get you in the right mood for the summer.

Strawberry madness

200 g Strawberries                              250 ml of Rum

200 g Frozen Strawberries                  1 Lime

Everyone like smoothies in hot weather but this one might have some side effects, so be careful!

It’s a super easy cocktail and the mentioned quantities will give you two cups of strawberry madness. One for you and the other one for a special mate 😉 You only need a blender to make it, nothing else. Put the strawberries, the rum and the juice of one lime together. Blend it well and enjoy!


300 ml of Rum                1 Bottle red wine

100 g Sugar                      200 ml Orange juice

1 Lime                               1 Orange

1 Lemon

Your first choice if you like the sour taste cocktails. It’s a well-known Spanish mix, easy to make and your wallet will love it too 😉

You start with slicing some citrus, lemon and orange. If you miss any of them it’s okay but you will lose some of the flavor. Put all the slices in a pitcher and add the sugar and the rum. You’re free to choose normal or spicy rum, both works. Mix everything and put the pitcher in the fridge around one hour. When it’s cold enough try to squeeze and crash the fruit with a spoon or a fork and add the cooled bottle of wine (preferably dry) and the orange juice. Mix again and that’s it!

White lava

The following quantities will give you two big white lava cups.  

150 ml Vodka                      200 ml Milk

1 Banana                              100 ml Vanilla Cream

100 ml Pineapple juice            

This is a bit more sophisticated cocktail. If you like milkshakes then you should try this one for sure because it will give you the same good feeling but with a kick of alcohol in the end.

Just get a blender and put all the ingredients in it (you can add some ice cubes if you like). Blend it well and enjoy!


50 ml Vodka

20 ml Grenadine

80 ml Orange juice             

This is a famous summer mix from Syria. I don’t have a clue why it does call Jamaica but I know that is easy, fast and it will cool you down in the hot days.

Get a big cup and fill it with ice blocks. Add first the vodka then the orange juice and in the end put the grenadine and mix gently (if you’re creative and have some time to kill you can start by painting with grenadine on the inner side of the glass and after you can add everything else) trust me you will feel fresh by only looking to the beautiful color of this cocktail.


Choose whatever suits you from the list and enjoy it with your friends, housemates or mentors, and share some photos with us to show your cocktail-mixing skills maybe you can be the next bartender in Carpe!


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