Be aware, it’s election week!

You probably already saw them. The enthusiastic people in either green or blue that really really want to tell you what they do. They attack you at the Campus and make you listen. They might even give you something as an incentive to stop for 10 seconds while they tell you all they wonders they have to offer.
You probably said something they couldn’t understand in your own language and walked away quickly, only to be attacked by their colleagues around the corner.
But who are these people?

The university has two student parties. They ‘fight’ for your rights as a student, and try to change things around the campus. They are called SAM (blue) and FRONT (green).
This week the elections have started and they are trying to win your soul with everything they got.

Of course voting is important! Our forefathers fought for it and it’s your right and duty as an inhabitant of the free world.. Especially women. ‘We’ didn’t get voting rights in the Netherlands until 1893!
Of course.. These votes are for the student councils. They defend the rights of wealthy, educated, white, rich people. But still: Voting is important, so that’s what we’ll be doing!

Okay, now you know what they actually are and what they do, besides jumping out of the bushes brainwashing you with their campaign.
We move on to the second part. I didn’t want to tell you this at the beginning of the article, as I probably lose more than half of my readers…
Exchange students cannot vote. I repeat, exchange students CANNOT vote. So you’re safe! Thanks for reading this far. Nice knowing you! Bye!
For all the unfortunate people that are degree-seeking students, you most certainly CAN vote, so you probably want to keep reading.

The first question you can ask yourself, what is the difference between the blue and green? Well, to be honest, not a lot.
They both want to make ‘The university great again’ (Although SAM actually uses that sentence). But it’s healthy to have a little competition to avoid a Putin-like environment, so there is more than one party.
So what about their election programme? Because this article is long enough and I want to make it to the end with at least 1 reader left we’ll start using bullet points (I love bullet points).


  • No more mandatory classes
  • Online lectures, knowledge clips and exam review
  • Teachers that can actually speak English
  • Enough workplace available
  • Better food at the restaurants on campus
  • Enough capacity at the sportscentre
  • Exchange/internship/minor without study delay
  • Pay tuition per course
  • Has our awesome president Rens on the list!

Okay, sounds good right? Now let’s have a look at SAM

SAM: (

  • Lecturers are always qualified
  • Offering internships to match labor market requirements
  • Exam results within 10 working days
  • At least 500 extra study places at Campus
  • Improve digital facilities such as video lectures.
  • No extra mandatory study costs and paying tuition per course
  • Structured thesis support
  • Healthy and diverse catering
  • Kees, our handsome treasurer could receive your vote.

Hmmm, sounds good too right?
But wait.. Doesn’t it sound a little bit the same (except for the Rens / Kees division)?

So they both want more online lectures and digital facilities. They both want to improve the food at uni (I’m all in favour for that one). They both want more working places at the campus, teachers should be better at English, oh and they’re both not a big fan of paying a lot of tuition.

So who do we vote for now?
I personally recommend to go a little bit more in depth, read their election programme, talk to people and watch their election videos! Know what you vote for!

And finally, when you did all of the above and you still don’t know..

Vote for your favourite colour.

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