Easter Full of Chocolate

Written by Saleem Shallah

Do you like chocolate? Wanna share the love and celebrate Easter with your fellow students? Here is the simplest way to bring them joy and happiness in the coming blessed days!

Believe it or not this is a recipe from Syria. People there make it on Easter or Christmas with some other type of sweets to offer it for the guests during the holidays.

At first I thought it is something French and the Syrians learned it during the French mandate. But obviously the Italian have something different to say!! They call it ‘Salame di cioccolato’ and they say it belongs to Italy. So I don’t know anymore where did this recipe come from but I know that it’s easy, tasty and fast.


3 Cups of milk (650 ml in total)                             1 Egg

3 Eating Spoons Cornflower                                   50 g Butter

1.5 Packet biscuits (300 g in total)                        0.5 Cup of sugar

100 g Dark Chocolate

How to make it

First put the milk in the pan. Add the sugar and cornflower. Mix well and be sure that there’s no cornflower stuck to the bottom of the pan. Now add the egg and mix again. Be sure to do this without heating the milk otherwise it will be hard to mix the cornflower.

After mixing the milk, sugar, cornflower and the egg, put the pan on fire and be sure to keep stirring till the milk gets thicker. When it does put the fire as lowest as you can and keep stirring for two minutes then turn off the fire.

Now you can add the chocolate and the butter and make sure to mix well till the whole butter and chocolate pieces are melt. After that you can add a shot of whisky or a bit more depends on how much you like alcohol :p That will give it a beautiful smell and enrich the taste!

The last thing you need to add is biscuits! Make sure to break it to small pieces (one biscuit is 4 pieces, more or less ) that will make it easier for you later, when you have to roll it in a plastic bag. But don’t smash the biscuits so hard till the point where It becomes a powder because then you will lose the beautiful look of the slice.

Fill the mix in a sandwich bags (it should be enough to fill 5 small bags). Push the mix till the bottom of the bag and force it to form a stiff cylinder and make sure that there is no air bubbles inside. Roll the rest of the plastic bag around it and put it in the freezer.

After 30 min in the freezer it will be ready!! You can slice the role with a sharp knife and take out the slices from the plastic bag carefully. Keep in mind that if you make them too thin they will not hold and it will be hard to move them on a plate.

Enjoy the dessert with the ones that you appreciate during Easter and let us know how did they react when you told them that you made it yourself!!

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