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A new international challenge

Have your academic endeavours left you unfulfilled? Are you craving a challenge your studies have not provided for you? Would you describe yourself with terms such as internationally oriented, socially experienced or professional as well as adventurous?

In case any of your answers was yes, then we can ensure you that I*ESN Tilburg is beyond what you have been looking for. As the biggest student association of Tilburg, and with our focus on the international community of Tilburg, we aim to provide all of our members with an extraordinary experience in our country. In order to do so, we provide them with an extensive program of social, academic as well as cultural events throughout the year. Think, for example, of our notorious themed parties in Carpe Noctem, the guidance during each semester by I*ESN volunteers with their weekly activities and our (international) trips where we explore what lies beyond Tilburg.

In order for the international community of Tilburg to flourish, for I*ESN Tilburg to expand on a local as well as an international level and of course for yourself to develop yourself in every possible direction, we are looking for an amazing new board for 2019-2020! The available positions are:

Vice President
Building Manager
Integration Manager
Event Manager
Marketing & PR Manager
Project Manager

For more information you can visit us at our office in Intermezzo Building or send your questions by e-mail to:

The second round of applications are now open. Send your letter of motivation and Curriculum Vitae to before June 19th! We will get in contact with you to make an appointment for an interview.

Read what the current board has to say about their positions

President – Sabine Damen

I started my board year within I*ESN Tilburg with the intention of giving the love and admiration I had for the association back, by working for the association and devoting all of my time into developing it even more. Little did I know that this journey was about to bring me so much more.

As President, you’re the person in charge, the end responsible, the person who is keeping everyone and everything in check. But really, it is one big team effort which I could only pull off because of the amazing team of people around me. Together with this team, you’re the first friend in town for every incoming (international) student, you make their stay worth it’s while by organizing events & make friends for life from all over the world. That’s what I mostly like about I*ESN Tilburg, we’re not like any other association. It’s refreshing!

Apart from the obvious fun part, there’s also a serious side to it. You don’t only get to run an association, but also a bar. Your own bar. This makes you develop skills like negotiation, mediation, entrepreneurship, advocacy, networking and the ability to adjust to any situation.

Being a part of the ESN Network as section, made the journey even more inspiring for me. Seeing the hard work that’s being done in 39 countries and 529 local sections from all over Europe from up close, made me realize that we are actually making a difference in this world and put the daily tasks into perspective. Because we are the Erasmus Generation, the future of Europe. Erasmus inside, global professionals outside.

I can only hope that sharing my experience made you want to discover for yourself what this journey has to offer you. For me it was definitely a journey of a life time and it will continue to be until the very end! Hopefully I can welcome you soon into our Erasmus Generation & make a head start on your own journey within I*ESN Tilburg!

Secretary, V.P. & Event Manager – Iris Godlieb

I wanted to be more involved with international students in Tilburg in a very interactive way. During my own exchange, I was a member of the local ESN section. I wanted to give back to the international students what I experienced during my exchange. I thought being part of the I*ESN Tilburg board would be a great opportunity to do so. Next to that, I wanted to develop my personal and professional skills before starting a full-time job.

As an event manager, I’m in charge for all activities that are organized as I*ESN Tilburg. The variety in the activities are very big and this makes my job very interesting and fun. The biggest event from I*ESN is the international cantus, where 1700 people participate in. Such an event requires a lot of other parties, teamwork and coordination to make it a success. Looking back to the events that we organized in the last year, makes me very proud!

During my board year, I developed my professional skills such as time planning, teamwork and communication. I do think finishing my studies is important for my future career, but I believe that side activities during your studies are very important to make you stand out from the others. I am sure doing a board year at I*ESN is a very valuable addition to my CV. Not only did I improve my personal and professional skills, I also experienced student life in Tilburg in another way. I made new friendships, joined activities that I didn’t do before and met people from all over the world. Until now, I never doubted that I made a wrong decision about my board year. It is hard work, but the most fulfilling. I can truly say that my board year, is the best year of my student life.

Treasurer & Building Manager – Mumba Sambo

Thinking about managing an association like I*ESN is a surreal thought and an experience that I am very fortunate to have. Since I was young I have been involved in the entertainment scene in some way, from party planning to DJing at events. As Building Manager and eventually Treasurer I got a more involved perspective on what it takes to run an establishment with multiple weekly events as well as infrastructure to maintain.

Every event we organize inside and outside of Carpe has different requirements as well as liabilities to take into account and my board year has taught me the importance of clear communication. Not just towards other board members, but also to our bar managers and external partners. It taught me how to manage relationships and set goals with key partners who want to help Carpe Noctem maintain its status as the home for International & Internationally minded students studying in Tilburg.

In addition to the professional growth that this board year has given me, I’ve made friends which will last a lifetime and who I know that I can count on for professional or personal matters.

Marketing & P.R. Manager – Isanya Köhne

I’m not the best student. I like adventure and therefore prefer to do anything but sit in class. I love a challenge and something out of the ordinary. I found myself once again searching the web, looking for extra things to do, and that’s when I stumbled upon I*ESN Tilburg. The idea was to head into the association as a mentor, but by chance, I became board, and it has been one of the best adventures as of yet.

As someone who is always busy drawing, writing, designing and making up stories, becoming the Marketing manager of international student association I*ESN Tilburg was one of my best decisions so far. It comes with so much creative freedom and you learn an incredible amount of new things. Not only within the marketing department but you get to know people from all over the world that continuously inspire you. Not only has my portfolio grown, but so has my friend group and I have myself. Having the responsibility of creating events and making sure they become successful is fantastic, you thrive on it.

It’s your designed booklet that gets handed out to about 2000 students a year, your posters that get stuck to their kitchen walls, and your designs that get shared on social media. You get to learn how to run a fantastic organization together with 6 other people who all share the same goal: integrating the international students in Tilburg. All with our own skills, but together we make it happen. If you’re creative and love designing, taking photos and editing videos and besides that, want to make a difference for international students, this is the job for you!

Integration & Project Manager – Ana Luiza Marin

For the past year, I had the opportunity to be a part of the board of I*ESN Tilburg, the biggest student association in Tilburg. I had the opportunity to give back to the internationally minded community that received me so well, and that has always made me feel at home.

As Project and Integration Manager I was able to grow as a professional in many different areas: from leading projects, creating and managing events, to help integrate international students into the Dutch Society. I was also able to grow as a person, to learn how to time management, improve my problem-solving and negotiating skills. This board year has prepared me for my professional life and future jobs. It was my first contact with the professional world, and it was the perfect opportunity for me to learn things that only experience can teach. From guiding volunteers at Registration Days to being responsible for mentors and buddies, this year has been the best part of my student life.

If you are interested in learning and developing yourself in every possible way, while interacting with the most amazing international community, a board year within I*ESN Tilburg is the right place for you!

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