An overview of the committees of I*ESN Tilburg

Academic Committee

This committee is involved with several projects during the year, such as Night University and discussion/debate evenings at our bar. The committee is also responsible for organising a symposium. This year we started with Introducing the Netherlands, lectures with various themes, taught by Tilburg University professors coming from all kinds of fields. These lectures are open to all, but especially targeted at international students in Tilburg and refugees.

Interested in joining? We are looking for new committee members for Fall ’16, send an email to Renate,

Acquisition Committee

Are you joining I*ESN and do you really want to helping along with enlarging our association? Then, sign up for the acquisition committee. Based on a first view it might be a bit vague what this committee is and does. We are the ones, together with the Treasurer, always looking out for ways and possibilities to attract new sponsors and partners. By this you get a nice opportunity to boost your professional skills as well as your CV. Interested in joining us?!

Send an email to Kees,!

Bar committee

The BarCo is the biggest committee we have. The guys and girls in red will serve you drinks during the parties, pub quizzes and dinners. They really set the mood and make sure you have a great time! Also walking around in Carpe Noctem, are the “bar managers”. The managers have extra responsibilities. They make sure there is enough liquor, do their best to make sure there are no fights in the bar, that there is toilet paper, answer all the questions you might have and deal with the lost and found in the bar.

Every two weeks, they get together to discuss how things are going. After the meeting there’s time to bond and have fun together. The managers and BarCo are the extra eyes during a party next to the responsible board members; there hasn’t been one single fight in our bar. Also, what you might not notice is that the BarCo always cleans after the parties, pub quizzes and dinners. That’s hard work after a long night, but we make sure there is an after drink with some snacks as well. At the end of the semester, an event especially for the bar committee, is planned to thank them for all they did.

Bar Managers:
Nina Karabetyan
Maarten Krijger
Camiel Kuijpers
Bart van der Lee
Justien Mulder
Jeroen Visser

You can apply for the Bar Committee as either a manager or member by sending an email to Nine,

Building Workgroup

More information soon

Cantus Committee

The Cantus Committee is responsible for the organiztion of the immense I*ESN international beercantus 1000 students! Are you an organizational talent and want to learn more about booking bands, venues, promotion and all logistics that come along with a big event like this? We are looking for new committee members for fall ’16. Are you interested? Send an e-mail to Maartje,

Do you want to get an idea of what the International Cantus will look like? Check out the International Cantus page.

Communication Committee

The communication committee meets every 2 weeks and will make sure I*ESN Tilburg presents itself during the introduction period, on campus, in the city centre, to new students and to students just looking for a nice association to join!

The communication committee’s main goal is to come up with new campaigns e.g.: the promo campaign for the international cantus, an active member campaign, a campaign for mentors/buddies/amigos, etc. The communication committee can help design the flyers and posters for those campaigns. Next to that, the communication committee will look into making promo videos. Besides, the committee will look for volunteers to join and help promote by for example flyering, doing lecture talks, painting bikes and other promo activities.

Join this committee if you want to extend your communications and marketing skills and love thinking outside the box! Are you interested in joining this committee? Please send an email to Nine,

Cooking Committee

The CoCo serves you food almost every other friday. You can find the different dates on the calendar. For only 5 euros you can enjoy an amazing dinner with your friends in Carpe Noctem. Every night there will be a different theme, for example tapas night, Dutch dinner or a Sinterklaas dinner.

There is a difference between Carpe Dinners and Cooking with Culture. Carpe Dinners are fully served and made by the CoCo, the Cooking with Culture nights exchange students can show part of their culture by helping the CoCo with cooking a meal that is typically for their country. This means you can show a part of your culture to other exchange students. This can go together with a little quiz about your home country or a special drink.

If you like cooking with a group of other students and want become part of this committee, please send an email to Maartje,

DJ Committee

More information will be available soon.

Editorial Committee

You can find the blog posts that the Editorial Committee writes here. This way you can have a look at what this committee is actually doing. The items concern reports on past trips but also tips for upcoming trips and activities, interviews, recipes, opinions, puzzles, pictures and gossip!
Do you want to develop yourself as a journalist, critic, blogger, photographer or final editor? Please send an email to Nine,

Event Committee

The aim of the Event Committee is to ensure all I*ESN Tilburg Events run as smoothly as possible to ensure that all members can get the most out of all the events without having to worry about a thing, sit back and let the Event Committee take you on an adventure.

Te Event Committee organizes different trips and events during the year, for example the bigger trips like ESurf and ESNow, but also a weekend trip to Amsterdam so you can experience the capital of the Netherlands in pure style. We have some more trips in store such as a weekend in Prague, or a once in a lifetime trip to Oktoberfest to experience how the Bavarians drink beer. Next to the bigger events, the event committee organizes multiple smaller events like the Holland City Race or a trip to the Keukenhof and much much more! At the calendar you can find all the events that are planned during the semester!

We are looking for new members! Send an email to Maartje,

Introcamp Committee

The IntroCamp Committee organizes an amazing camp in the beginning of every semester. During this weekend about 130 (international)students will get to know their groups better by joining fun activities like a beer cantus or different games.

On sunday there is the secret activity which you cannot miss! Want to help us out preparing our famous introduction camp or want to know more about this committee? Send an email to Maartje,

IntroPromo Committee

Would you like to be responsible for the introduction of 2500 students into the student life of Tilburg? Are you ready to show them what the student life is about? Then we are looking for you! I*ESN is looking for members of the IntroPromo Committee that will be in charge of the afternoon program during the TOP Week.

As a member of the IntroPromo Committee you will work together with a team on the set-up and the coordination of the TOP Week. We are looking for enthusiastic people that would like to give the new students the time of their lives, while having fun themselves as well. You should be available for the whole TOP Week. Being member of the IntroPromo Committee is a lot of fun, helps you develop your organizational skills and is an appealing addition to your resume. Are you the person we are looking for? Then send an email to Renate,, as soon as possible!

Pub quiz Committee

Hey there! If everything is right you already know us since you have been participating in our pub quiz. If not, make sure to be quick enough with your subscription the next time and have a great Friday evening!

So what do we do on these days? Our bar gets filled up with enthusiastic competitive people that want to have the smartest team. We play in teams consisting of six players, that bond with their team and have nice special beer. Joining this committee means preparing a part of the questions, which you can present through the microphone during the pub quiz.

Being part of the organization of those entertaining nights is definitely great fun! Interested in joining us, send an email to Zico,

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