Carpe Noctem

Heuvelring 45 Tilburg

I*ESN Tilburg has its very own bar! In the centre of Tilburg you can find Carpe Noctem, the international meeting point! Here you can meet students from all over the world during our events. Every Tuesday we hold our legendary theme parties such as our Sexchange Party and our Tequila Party.

Next to that we also open our doors every other Thursday for our Music Theme parties, think of Latin Night or a 00’s parties. If you like to have a more quiet activity, we also have dinners, pub quizzes or karaoke nights a couple of times a months.

We also open our doors for larger events in Tilburg like TOPweek, Carnaval and our founding date Pink Monday! As you see, we have something for everyone. Hopefully we will see you soon, in Carpe Noctem!

Membership & Guest Members
When you are a member you have unlimited access to the building and you can take so called “introducees” with you, also called guests. However this is very limited. Carpe Noctem is for members only, due to council policy. If you are not a member, you can visit Carpe Noctem as a guest.

When you are a member yourself, there are some rules with regards of taking guests:

  • Your guest should be subscribed at the online form before 10pm on the day the activity takes place
  • You can take a maximum of two guests per time.
  • Your guest will receive an email with if they are registered on time, make sure that you let us know if you don’t receive this email.
  • When you are not a member, you can enter the building twice as being a guest
  • Every time you want to enter the building you should show your membership card (the yellow one), AND your id card or passport at the beginning of the evening, and then you will get a stamp. When you take guests they will be put on a list, as well as when you enter the building as a guest. After being introduced twice you have to be a member to enter the building!
  • You are responsible for the guests you take!

Guest form
You can ONLY bring a guest when you register him/her beforehand on the online guest form. You can find this form here.

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