Help the internationals integrate with the Dutch and the other way around!

You will be part of the biggest international student association of Tilburg. As an Amigo/Amiga in pairs of two or three, you will become friends with International and Dutch bachelor students and help them get to know each other. The program is relatively new and for this reason it will be a nice challenge to make it a real success. The aim is to have an activity twice a month (on Thursday or Tuesday evening), this will either be a nice dinner or pre drink with your group. After that, there will be an awesome party or nice activity in our new bar, where you can meet the other members of our association.

During the activities you have together, you’ll learn how to manage events (the two monthly activities), you’ll improve your motivational and promo skills (by getting everyone to join) and also mingling in a culturally diverse organization (we have students from all around the world, so you’ll have Dutch and international students in your yearclub).

In the end, the most amazing part of being with I*ESN is building a group of close friends all with the same international mindset, creating an international network and broadening your horizon with people from around the world. The advantage of being Amigo/Amiga is also that those friends you’ll make do not leave after one semester, but stay here for their entire degree. You’ll meet interesting people, eager to learn about Dutch culture and looking for a platform to make international friends with similar interests.

As Amigo/Amiga, you:

  • Help the internationals integrate with the Dutch and the other way around.
  • Attend the Buddy, Amigo and Mentor meeting and the amigo’s meeting.
  • Attend the dinners and the parties.
  • Help to organize small events.
  • Have the possibility to join our famous introduction camp and the active members activities.
  • Stay informed about all I*ESN activities, and being able to pass this on to the students. Of course all activities are the most fun if there is a large enthusiastic crowd, so make sure the students are aware of what is going on and alert them on the advantages of signing up!

You can apply directly as a amigo/amiga by filling in this form

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