About I*ESN Tilburg

I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association, which is especially focused on international (minded) students.

Our goal is to enrich the student life in Tilburg through a platform for internationalization and integration. Simply said, I*ESN aims to help all students in Tilburg to have a fantastic time.

We do this by organizing many great activities, parties and trips! Some examples are: Cooking with Culture, Theme Parties, Poker nights, Movie nights, T-days (local excursions), City Trips, Gala, Music themed Parties, Sports Activities and many Social/Volunteering projects. Since October 2011, many of our activities took place at our very own student bar ‘Carpe Diem’ in the city center. Since June 2016 we moved to Carpe Noctem, offering us more possibilities for further growth! If you want to improve yourself personally or academically, you are also at the right spot at I*ESN Tilburg. You can become active in one of our committees or projects. Think about writing for the magazine, organize activities, be a bartender, or organize the introduction week! To learn more about our committee, please check the committees page.

Student Associations in Tilburg are united in the SOTS (Stichting verleg Tilburgse Studentenverenigingen). Our President, Mark Akkermans, and our Vice-President, Rianne Ermers, are both representatives of I*ESN Tilburg in the SOTS.

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