Welcome to the website of I*ESN Tilburg!

I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association that organizes activities for all foreign and Dutch internationally minded students.

We aim to enrich the international student life in Tilburg by organizing various activities. For hosting many of these great activities we also have our own bar and international meeting point ‘Carpe Noctem’ in the city centre!

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I*ESN Tilburg
I*ESN Tilburg is feeling ecstatic.Friday, November 16th, 2018 at 2:13pm

Hey you... psst. We've got a few questions for you!
Are you someone that's always up for meeting new people? Someone that's curious and wants to get to know people from all over the world? Someone that's looking for ADVENTURE?

I*ESN TILBURG is looking for new Mentors and Buddies!

Becoming a mentor or buddy means becoming international students' first friend on their exchange here in the Netherlands. You guide them on their journey and you make sure that together as a group you have the best semester of your lives. 😉

Did you say yes to all the previous questions above? Don't hesitate and apply now!


I*ESN Tilburg
I*ESN is looking for Mentors and Buddies!
Are you looking for adventure? Would you like to meet students from all over the world? Would you like to guide international students? Then becoming a Mento...