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I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association that organizes activities for all foreign and Dutch internationally minded students.

We aim to enrich the international student life in Tilburg by organizing various activities. For hosting many of these great activities we also have our own bar and international meeting point ‘Carpe Noctem’ in the city centre!

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I*ESN Tilburg
I*ESN TilburgFriday, March 16th, 2018 at 6:10pm

"After going on exchange, I wanted to stay connected with internationals, and I*ESN was the perfect place to do so. I loved being a mentor and buddy, so I decided to become Integration Manager & Secretary. As the Integration Manager you meet a lot of new people and it is great to see how enthusiastic everyone is. As a board member you gain hands on experience with teamwork, time management and how to work whilst having a hangover! The function of Integration Manager is very diverse and challenging, as you are responsible for several programs. It is a great opportunity to use your creativity to improve the association! Besides the professional benefits of a board year, it also improves your social life, as you make many new friends from all over the world!" - Francis Bleeker, Integration Manager & Secretary

In order for the international community of...

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