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Welcome to I*ESN Tilburg

Welcome to the website of I*ESN Tilburg!

I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association that organizes activities for all foreign and Dutch internationally minded students.

We aim to enrich the international student life in Tilburg by organizing various activities. For hosting many of these great activities we also have our own international meeting point 'Carpe Diem' in city centre!

About I*ESN Tilburg

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Interview Queen of Romance

She (or he) is the most famous person of I*ESN and yet no one seems to know her identity: the Queen of Romance. No kiss goes unpunished and no slut stays without shame if she is around. This real life gossip girl was willing to share some of her secrets for a change and tell us about everything you’ve always wanted to know about the life of this mystery woman (or man).

How do you know everything?

"I am very observant and sneaky! So when I am in Carpe Diem, I am paying attention to anything raunchy I see. Of course sometimes I miss some midnight make outs, but then I have you guys to rely on. So many of you love to screw each other over! Every week I get messages and pictures from students, in which they tell me what their fellow exchangies did the night before. While this really does help me at times, I would like to stress the following point. Pictures could be too much of good thing! I already have to see the live stream on Tuesday night, I do not like to be reminded of the dirty things I saw the night before.”

Do you work alone or is there more than one Queen of Romance?

"I write the posts myself, but again, I get a lot of the gossip from you guys. Plus, if you wouldn’t be misbehaving, I wouldn’t have anything to write about. So if you actually think about it, everybody shares in my Queen of Romance workload. I couldn’t do this without you sluts!” 

Did you choose the gossip life, or did the gossip life choose you? 

"I have always been very observant, but it wasn’t until I was asked to be this semester’s Queen, I could put this strength to use. Being sneaky and spilling secrets comes naturally to me, so I guess the gossip life chose me.”

Some students were wondering if you write this column out of jealousy. How is your own love life?

"I can honestly say that my own love life is very fulfilling, if you know what I mean. I do not write out of jealousy or spite, I write my posts because I think that young love should be celebrated. This is the time of your life in which you can experiment and figure out what you are into. I am just there to make sure everybody knows what dirty things you are trying out. Maybe they can learn from you, maybe they’ll judge you, but at least everybody knows you for the naughty person you are.”

I can imagine that after a night at Carpe, you might not particularly feel like spending your entire day tracking gossip. What does your typical Wednesday look like?

"My typical Wednesday starts of course with me sleeping in; trying to get rid of the hangover. When I wake up I try to remember all my intel from the night before and I look through my Queen of Romance messages on Facebook. I pick the juiciest secrets and write my post of the week from the comfort of my own bed. Luckily there is never a shortage of vulgar things you all did, so I always have enough inspiration to write.”

What is your favourite theme party?

"Pff that is a difficult one. On the one hand I really like the Crazy Animal Party, because everybody always sees this as an excuse to let their inner beast out. It is the recipe for animalistic sex on the dancefloor, and we all know I love that. On the other hand, there is Tequila Night. You pour two shots of this liquor into you guys and everybody gets sensual and horny, which is always fun for me to watch!”

Do you sometimes include yourself in the gossip or do you not kiss and tell?

"That’s a secret I’ll never tell!”


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White t shirt Party

The moment we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived: the last Tuesday party. This time, unlike 
some Tuesdays, it’ll be easy to recall to whom you’ve been talking: all you need to do is check your T-shirt. This white T-shirt that you thoughtlessly pulled out from under a pile of half-clean clothes has a more interesting history than you might think. It all started in the nineteenth century, during the time of the original onesie or union suit as it was called back in the day. They cut it in two and thus the T-shirt was born. Easy to make and easy to clean, many physical labourers adopted the T-shirt and it became the standard underwear for marine and army uniforms. After World War II, veterans started to wear their uniform pants and T-shirts as casual outfits. Rock stars also started adopting the laid-back style of the T-shirt and set the trend for everyone else. The white T-shirt maintained popularity and was found to be particularly suitable for another American trend: the wet T-shirt contest. This spring break tradition got its inspiration from the Spanish festival La Tomatina, and was first held in 1971. The most notable wet T-shirt contest was held in 1997 on an aeroplane with the pilots as jury. So girls of I*ESN: girls, prevent spontaneous wet T-shirt contest and make sure you wear a bra or vest to the party tonight!


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