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Welcome to I*ESN Tilburg

Welcome to the website of I*ESN Tilburg!

I*ESN Tilburg is a non-profit student association that organizes activities for all foreign and Dutch internationally minded students.

We aim to enrich the international student life in Tilburg by organizing various activities. For hosting many of these great activities we also have our own international meeting point 'Carpe Diem' in city centre!

About I*ESN Tilburg

Crazy Animal Quiz

What crazy animal are you?

Take the quiz and find out what your spirit animal is. You might even get some inspiration for your costume during the Crazy Animal Party

Question 1

On a Tuesday night, I often:

A) Sleep after a day of binge watching House of Cards.

B) Go to Carpe Diem, but only if my friends are going.

C) Am the first one at the party, dancing by myself like no one is watching.

D) Make sure that I have the best costume, so I can impress some birds (Geordie Shore,


Question 2

My favourite spot at Carpe is:

A) Outside, chatting with the smokers and the board.

B) In the make-out corner, where I won’t stand in the way.

C) Anywhere: at the bar, at the podium… As long as I have space to dance and drink.

D) In the Girls’ room to check my hair looks okay, and then off to pick up the most beautiful

person in the make-out corner.

Question 3

My favourite drink is:

A) Wine

B) Beer

C) Energy Drink

D) Mc Bef

Question 4

My favourite 90’s jam is:

A) Coolio – Gangsta’s Paradise

B) Los Del Rio – Macarena

C) Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

D) Spice Girls – Wannabe

Question 5

At Heuvel Chicken, I always order:

A) Anything over 10 euros: free delivery!

B) Hot wings of course!

C) Kapsalon, extra garlic sauce.

D) Nothing: I have to watch my figure.


Mostly A’s? You are a Koala!

You would rather chill in your tree than do literally anything else. Even though sloths aren’t the
smartest animals most people agree that you are incredibly cute. So use that charm and shake your
rock-hard Koala ass on the dance floor tonight!

Mostly B’s? You are a Penguin!

A bit awkward, you’d rather be in the water where no one notices your bad dance moves. You like
hanging out with your friends, but meeting new people stresses you out. No worries though:
everyone at Carpe is your friend if they think you’re weird, who cares? Next semester you’ll get a
new chance with new people. 

Mostly C’s? You are a Hyena!

Not the prettiest one in the animal kingdom, but it’s not like you give a damn. You do your own thing
and you’re always having fun whatever you do. You don’t need alcohol for courage and take it easy
on the energy drinks: you have enough energy as is.

Mostly D’s? You are a Peacock!

Strutting around Carpe Diem, you’re always looking for prey. You flutter with your lashes, flex your
muscles, and everyone around you is offering you shots like there’s no tomorrow. Every week you
appear in the Queen of Romance, and you’re proud of it. Just leave some people for the rest of us,



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Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

Today is the day to go green! It is not Earth Day or Election week at the Fractie Front office. Nay, today we will celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Originally, this feast is only celebrated in Ireland, but it has followed the Irish people all over the world and every country has its own tradition. In the USA for example, the Irish community believes that if someone is not wearing green, they can be seen by naughty leprechauns. To warn them that leprechauns can bother them, they pinch each other. Nevertheless, Saint Paddy’s is traditionally associated with hammered Irishmen, and we will follow in their footsteps by drinking until our drunken voices sound Gaelic. To help you pick up some gorgeous Irish folk, here are some useful phrases:

 Can I buy you a drink? Is féidir liom a cheannaíonn tú deoch?
Let’s spin the wheel. A ligean ar casadh an roth.
You look great in green!Leat breathnú iontach i glas!

And if you manage to get lucky (with or without these phrases), and the floor is strewn with green clothes, don’t forget to pinch your companion and swallow a shamrock for good luck! Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone!


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Horoscope March

Are you also curious what this month wil bring you? This horoscope maybe can help you making life changing decisions! 

Yo Shawty, it’s ya birthdaaay! This is your month! The stars are in the right position to make this the BEST MOST AWESOME birthday party ever. So, Yes, invite that hottie, invite your amazing friends, wear some glitters and pop those bottles! It is okay to forget about your exams sometimes, because you will rock them too.

So since we have no clue how to interpret the stars and planets, and it just looks like a total mess to us, we are simply going to assume they stand for chaos this month. Your life (or maybe just you) is going to take some unexpected motions and moves. Good luck with that.

You have been spending a suspicious amount of time in the library lately. Does that have anything to do with that hottie you are eyeing between the shelves? Of course all that time between the books is good for your grades and all, but maybe just get some balls, approach him/her and hopefully get out of that library together.

Did you really think that you were going to be the one to make a long distance relationship work? Clearly that dutchie you are messing around with is proving you wrong. But remember, what happens on exchange stays on exchange. Just make sure you don’t take that STD home with you.

Sooooo venus and uranus huh? This month is all about trying some new things and deepening existing relations. There are plenty of amazing parties this month where you can go and explore your wild wild side. Oh and talking about experimenting, your lucky day is the 15th of March.

Hey virgo! We get it, you like to party and stuff. But do you realise that quite an essential part of the students life, is studying as well? No offense, the stars think you look great when you are totally smashed, but you have literally achieved nothing this semester yet. Try to find a little balance and stop stumbling around.

Stop blaming your bicycle for breaking down all the time, it is really your fault. Start riding that bike the right way, instead of getting drunk all the time and end up together with your bike in the bushes. Treat your bike with respect and his tires will be full of air all the time.

You have been a little shy so far, but now is your time to get our of your comfort zone and show us a little more of you. Feel free to chug that bottle of wine first, if that makes it any easier. Don’t overdo it though, dancing on the bar is still not allowed. Those two planets standing in a perfect line totally want you to dance your ass off to Justin Bieber

Your month is going to be full of doubt, sagittarius.  What you feel and what you want is going to get vaguer, more doubtful and less stable. Or maybe it is just the way you stumble on your walk of shame through the verbs hallways on Wednesday morning? We don’t judge.

Don’t be so vain! Of course you want to look good on a Tuesday night, but sometimes it’s okay to just go out in your comfy clothes, with hair undone and just have fun. Maybe even skip the gym sometimes, nobody likes an overachiever.

Are you sure you should go for those tuesday-night-post-party-hot-wings? Of course putting chocolate spread and sprinkles on your bread is very Dutch but maybe you should not try to integrate in that culture too much. But on the other hand, a few erasmus kgs never killed anyone.

We understand that this might be your first time abroad, but maybe tone down on the travelling and spending money. We don’t want you to be so broke by the end of your stay here that you can’t even buy a beer in Carpe Diem. The alternative is to be the cheap fuck who makes people buy beer for them. Whatever floats your boat.

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